AMA University is a top choice for IT-based education in the Philippines and is a member of the AMA Education System. It offers Senior High School, Undergraduate Programs, Graduate Programs, Online Education (Distance Learning), and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programs.


AMA will be the dominant leader as an online provider in Continuing Professional Development; to be widely-renowned in enhancing the skills, experiences, and familiarity of Professionals in the global market.


AMA CPD Online shall provide exemplary, holistic, relevant, and globally-recognized CPD online-based seminars and training in all stages through convenient methods using modern technology with the objective of creating efficient experts and leaders who are responsive to the needs of the local and international community and mindful of the welfare of its men and women, thereby realizing their potential as productive members of the society for the honor and glory of God Almighty.

Core Values

AMA Computer University’s core values are its essential guiding principles. These core values are:

 • Excellence and Quality: Delivery of what is best and of prime quality in education and training

 • ​​Professionalism: Dealing with everyone with respect and due consideration

 • Creativity and Innovation: Setting of trends in the field of training and education

 • Growth and Development: Openness to continuous development to make learning relevant

 • Commitment and Engagement: Dedication to ensure client satisfaction by efficient delivery of services using various channels

 • Integrity: Doing the right thing all the time and ensuring compliance with standards

These core values are an integral part of how the AMA pursues its objectives and key strategies. Together with the core purpose, the core values provide direction and guide decision-making. They are a critical component of AMA Computer University’s vision statement.

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